Coastal Adaptation Resources Database

Cluster Videos

Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change: Google Earth Participatory Mapping Workshops for Sustainability (11'30")

This video was compiled from live recordings of Participatory Google Earth Mapping Workshops held with several government authorities at various locations in Western Australia. It explains the steps and processes involved in the use of Google Earth mapping as a community engagement tool for coastal adaptation to climate change. It aims to demonstrate the methodology used in all of the workshops. (Linked to Vimeo Channel:

Climate Change and Our Coast (9'30")

This video is made from science-based animation and graphics that visualise the interactions among sea level rise, catchment flooding and storm surge. The video shows the likely impacts on coastal communities as climate change continues. The aim is to inform and encourage individuals, groups and policy makers to find out more about adaptive strategies that may be relevant for managing their own piece of coastline. (Linked to Vimeo Channel: